Welcome to the Seven Global Ltd.

Seven Global is young but well-known company at the Inernational market of IP-telephony all over the world. Qualified professionals, modern reliable equipment and skilled management - these are the main engines of company`s rapid development.

Market monitoring system (MMS) gives Seven Global an advantage over competitors and a good soil for unique offers. At the moment company has a large number of business projects with partners around the world and we sure, that you also succeed with Seven Global. Our activities are aimed, first of all, at fulfilling the tasks set by the customer. Fast problem elimination and ability to make correct decisions in difficult situations are the required skills of each member of our team.

With a large list of routes and great volume of traffic Seven Global provides good quality, offering reasonable prices. Every day Seven Global expands it`s route list, tries to lower rates and improve quality to stay at the top for you always get the best on the market of VoIP services.